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I am stuck in the early 2000s.
I like grunge music,gore,just...mostly edgy stuff,really.
This is mostly a blog and ranting thing,with me posting bad art on purpose.
And yes,that is Dylan Klebold on my
profile picture.Have a nice day/night.

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Posted by Reb-bleeds-VoDKA - 6 days ago



Posted by Reb-bleeds-VoDKA - August 29th, 2019

so,yesterday,me and my friend were talking about random shit,and i told him to draw GG Allin ripping off Osamas head and-

that gave me an idea

I could write an story with controversial or just edgy things and people going on adventures and shit,kind of like...I dunno...Tails gets trolled,but this won't be an comic.

anyways,if you got any ideas for characters or the story then tell me


Posted by Reb-bleeds-VoDKA - June 25th, 2019


Posted by Reb-bleeds-VoDKA - April 16th, 2019


This post has graphic content so if you are easilly disguisted or whatever,click away!


When Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris got found,They had to check if their corpses were booby trapped.

Eric Harris was laying on his back,so they didn't had to check him.

But Dylan Klebold fell on his stomach,with his face on Erics leg,so they had to move his body.

Another funfact:Eric died immediatly,since he shot himself with a shotgun in the mouth,but Dylan didnt.

He shot himself,also to the head (In the head?) but with his Tec-9,so he was still alive for a while.

The people who were still in the library sayd they heard choking noises,or like someone was drowning,and scratching.

And that's because he did.The poor boy lived for a couple of minutes,and drowned in his own blood.

He wanted peace,that's all he wanted,but ended up drowning in his own blood,besides his dead best friend.

Just...God,When I found that out,I fucking cried...


Posted by Reb-bleeds-VoDKA - April 16th, 2019

iu_19636_7293328.pngi drew this in paint,leave me alone.4chan sucks btw

Posted by Reb-bleeds-VoDKA - March 31st, 2019

Does anyone know how to actually pirate Postal Redux?

I live in germany and it's banned here-

And one of the creators sayd he doesn't have anything against it if you pirate it because you can't buy it-

So yeahhhhhhhhhhhh...


Posted by Reb-bleeds-VoDKA - March 16th, 2019

Who is your favorite Lisa the hopeful character?

Posted by Reb-bleeds-VoDKA - March 12th, 2019

You can't play Postal in Germany.

Not the first one,not the second one,not even the third one,n o n e !

You can buy the movie off of steam,and the game from amazon,but not on Steam,wich is pretty shitty!

Posted by Reb-bleeds-VoDKA - March 9th, 2019

Oi,so I just played "Super Columbine Massacre RPG" and I really liked it!

Here are 2 reasons why I like it,not really good reasons.But ehhhhhhhhhhhh

1.I'm a TCC fag

2.Uhhhh the gameplay is fun,untill you look for Satans bible for 40minutes.

And uh...Yeah...I also played the Gmod Columbine map,and that was fine for like,the first 2weeks,but after that it got boring.I shoud've played the map with some of my friends,but they don't have gmod,or uh...Dunno.Some other stuff-

And uh-



Posted by Reb-bleeds-VoDKA - March 2nd, 2019

Oof,I'll just rant about something nobody cares about.



I uh...I tried burning a bible today,wich didn't work.

I got home.My ma says some shit like "you can't do that,we're polish,we're catholics!" and hit me 2 times with a newspaper on my head and says something about me appereantly being an worshipper of satan and killing virgins or something.

One of my best TCC pals isn't into the TCC stuff anymore.

I have little to no friends.I would be happy with two,who are like Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris.

And everything else is pretty normal stuff not really worth mentioning.

Ya know,(Kind of) bullying in school,not feeling accepted in real life,and so on.